Tech Tips

“Anti-seize all threaded parts.” – Team Wehrsy

“Don’t over loosen when adjusting a climber style frame or pinion mount, you will damage the climber gear.” – Team Wehrsy

“To finish first, first you must finish.” – Dick Trickle

“Stay in your own notebook.” – Team Wehrsy

“Unload and inspect your car on Mondays to avoid next day air on Thursdays.” – Team Wehrsy

“You gotta wanna!” – Dick Trickle

“Squeaks kill speed, maintenance takes the lead!” – Team Wehrsy

“The person that never asks questions, is the one losing.” – Team Wehrsy

“When adjusting climber style Panhard Bar Mounts, you should always double check your left to right measurement.” – Team Wehrsy

“You cannot put a double adjuster in a bent bar that the adjuster is not in-line with the force.” – Team Wehrsy

“Unhook shocks and 4 bars every 10 races to spin the cage and relocate the grease.” – Team Wehrsy

“Clean and grease your sliders/Torrington bearings every 10 nights.” – Team Wehrsy

“Skinny pedal down, unless you’re upside down.” – Rick Schermerhorn

“Lowering the right-side spring table increases side bite.” – Team Wehrsy             

“The only thing that is FREE in racing is AIR, take advantage of it!” – Team Wehrsy

“Always physically check your suspension cage index and adjust properly at static ride height. Do not assume your index is set correctly at your manufacturer’s desired bar lengths.” – Team Wehrsy

“J-bars are often overlooked on weekly maintenance, make sure you clean and lube the mono-ball regularly.” – Team Wehrsy

“Take advantage of manufacture support trailers at races. Parts, free repairs, and no shipping costs can save you a race and money.” – Team Wehrsy

“Scuffing brake pads on rough concrete or coarse sandpaper weekly reduces glazing and improves performance.” – Team Wehrsy

“Lower your throttle rod on WM110 or WM111 for slick conditions to improve throttle control.” – Team Wehrsy

“After any airborne maneuver closely inspect all suspension, especially shocks and springs.” – Team Wehrsy

“Always keep your electronic tools properly charged up before race day.” – Team Wehrsy

“Periodically check your throttle stop, return spring setup, and lubricate your shaft.” – Team Wehrsy

“Axles are a traction device and don’t last forever. Draw a line on your axles to monitor twist.” – Team Wehrsy

“You cannot put a double adjuster in a bent bar that the adjuster is not in-line with the force this includes Trailing Arms, Steering Arms, Swing Arms, and Panhard Bars.” – Team Wehrsy

“Don’t say I’m cheating when last weeks mud is still on your car.” – Dirt Life