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Ultra Force Manual W/ Side Unloader

WEHRS  |  Part# WEH-WM430UFM-U

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Our Jason Sivils inspired Ultra Force load rating machines are built with CNC machined components giving our machines unsurpassed strength and quality. All manual machines will feature an Automatic Move to Start function to speed up your process when using the machine.  The setup page also allows you to store your center to center measurement for your 4 corners and a pull bar/lift arm measurement.  Our machine has the ability to smash a spring/bump stop setup to 3500# and pull a pull bar up to 3000# capacity with electric motor motion. Our quick adjust wrap around spring removal arm makes easy work out of unloading spring packages, by not relying on coil spacing, but using our special spring removal cups. This model includes a side unloader attachment which allows you to load springs that are too tall to fit inside the main frame.

Manual w/ Auto Move to Start Tech Video

Ultra Force Side Unloader Tech Video 

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