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Modular Alum T-BAR With Adjusters

WEHRS  |  Part# WEH-WM468-A

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Made in USA



This is our new aluminum modular rear t-bar with our t-bar adjusters. This 5 piece design makes crash repair simple and inexpensive by replacing the section of tubing that is wrecked instead of the entire t-bar. This kit comes with 1) WM468-T-40 40" long aluminum tube for center section, 2) WM468-T-3 3' long aluminum tubes, 2) WM468-2 T-adapters, 2) WM468-1 Clevis for vertical tube, 2) WM411-R T-bar adjusters to adjust deck height easilly, and all the hardware to bolt these together. See Accessories tab for replacement parts and optional gusset brace.

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