Narrow Double Shear Suspension Cage

WEHRS  |  Part# WEH-WM200NDS

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Made in USA

Steel Narrow Cage Double Shear Complete No Shock Mounts



These double shear bearing suspension cages are the strongest on the market. Cages are built with our Quick Adjust Technology, so to make a 4 bar adjustment you simply loosen the bolt, pop out the puck spacer, move the bar ,and tighten. Spacer package has high misalignment built in for maximum travel. Has a built in level for quick reference on cage index. Fully modular so crash repair is simple unlike a welded cage. Cage comes with hardware, and clamp rings. Shock mounts sold separately.  Cage works on LR and RR.  Use WM200-7 shock mount on LR and WM200-7-1 on RR click the accessories tab to view.

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  · 4 Link Suspension